C.R. Laine


Pardon us, our Green is showing

Why is it that we associate the colour of green with sustainable practices and products? Besides the obvious connection to the colour of grass, green is actually the colour that most represents balance and harmony. According to the president of SOAP (Sustainable Organization Advocacy Partners), John Rooks, “True sustainability does not need a colour, sustainability is transparent”. CR Laine’s story of sustainability is nothing but transparent …Did you know that CR Laine has been EFEC (Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture) and SBD (Sustainable by Design) registered since 2008? After 9 long months of analyzing all environmental aspects of our company, CR Laine became the very first company to achieve the American Home Furnishing Alliance’s rigorous 5 step Sustainable by Design program on October 1, 2008.Although several businesses may see this process as a large undertaking and expense, we have found the outcome to be quite the opposite. By simply changing our way of thinking and by implementing new, yet simple, conservation and recycling processes, we’ve added thousands of dollars back to our bottom line and diverted several tons of upholstery waste away from the landfills. By making these small changes, we have become sustainable in all aspects of our company rather than simply creating a “green” line of furniture. CR Laine is committed to preserving the resources of our world for future generations.All CR Laine upholstery comes standard with the following sustainable features…

  • Frames made from responsibly harvested hardwoods certified sustainable from Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.  
  • Water-based wood adhesives with no VOC emissions
  • Eight-way hand-tied coil springs made with recycled metal
  • Natural soy-based foam
  • Seat deck and trim pad made from regenerated fibers 





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