Polystone Moulding

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Moulded from real Florida limestone complete with fossil imprints, the closed cell construction is waterproof and can be used inside and out. Held in place with a Liquid Nails-type adhesive, or screwed into place, Polystone is then grouted using a mixture of latex paint and sand that is easily applied with a caulking tube. It can be resprayed with latex paint and cut with a handsaw.

The product is coated in a washable latex paint which makes cleaning easy with mild soap and a soft brush. The grout material used in the joints between the product is a latex paint mixed with sand which can be applied with a standard caulking gun. If the product is damaged in any way, it may be resprayed with a matching latex paint. The product is very easily installed with a construction adhesive, mechanical fasteners (nails, screws,etc…), and a simple hand saw. It can easily transform a room without having to hire a mason.

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