SeaCloth at Lee Jofa

SeaCloth was born from the combined talents and shared vision of two entrepreneurial women, Susan Harris and Deirdre Halper. Susan, an accomplished fine artist, became convinced that art should not be confined to a frame. Testing her theory she tried her hand at textile design. Deirdre, a former marketing executive, met Susan and after seeing her work, immediately envisioned not only textiles, but an entire lifestyle brand. The complementary skills of the two set SeaCloth into motion. In 2003, SeaCloth launched four initial collections – Gypsy Palette, Watermark, Sun Splash and Beach Party – in design showrooms including John Rosselli & Associates in New York City and Washington, D.C., and Ainsworth Noah in Atlanta. By early 2004, the first SeaCloth retail store opened in Greenwich, Connecticut, showcasing the company’s textiles and comprehensive line of home furnishings and decorative accessories. SeaCloth continues to blossom. Susan and Deirdre spend their time working with the SeaCloth team, designing additional collections and developing new products. With its 2008 incorporation into Lee Jofa’s diverse and exciting array of brands, SeaCloth has joined an illustrious tradition that serves interior designers across the country.

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